Who We Serve

Commercial & Architectural

High-performance seamless flooring systems are designed to make a visual impact while providing durability, ease of maintenance, and outstanding protection. These systems are often used in high-traffic areas of heavy use, including commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Schools & Education Systems

Midwest Commercial Flooring is a trusted partner for schools and education systems, delivering tailored flooring solutions that enhance learning environments. Our expertise includes durable and easy-to-maintain flooring systems designed to withstand high foot traffic. We prioritize safety with slip-resistant options, contributing to a secure educational space. From classrooms to common areas, our flooring solutions support the unique needs of schools and educational facilities, ensuring a conducive and visually appealing atmosphere for students and staff alike.

Government & Municipalities

Midwest Commercial Flooring serves government organizations and municipalities with specialized flooring solutions. Our durable and visually appealing flooring systems are designed for heavy foot traffic, meeting safety and compliance standards. We offer seamless installations, ensuring longevity and enhancing the functionality of public spaces. Count on us for flooring excellence tailored to the unique needs and regulations of the government sector.

Manufacturing, Warehouse, & Chemical Processing

Midwest Commercial Flooring serves various industries, offering specialized flooring solutions for chemical processing, manufacturing, assembly, and warehouses. Our high-performance seamless flooring systems ensure safety, durability, and low maintenance. From slip-resistant options for manufacturing to robust flooring for warehouses and chemical-resistant solutions, we tailor our services to meet the distinct needs of each industry. Choose Midwest Commercial Flooring for reliable, customized flooring that enhances safety and efficiency in diverse work environments.

Food & Beverage

High-performance seamless flooring systems are slip-resistant and easy to clean. They also meet FDA Food Code 2009 for hygiene, smoothness, and durability. These floors are an excellent choice for high-traffic and food preparation areas, where safety and cleanliness are critical. Seamless flooring systems are also very low maintenance, which makes them ideal for busy commercial kitchens.


High-performance, antiseptic seamless flooring systems are designed to resist microbial and mold growth, while also anti-static and slip-resistant. These flooring systems can provide a high level of safety and hygiene in a variety of settings, as well as reduce the risk of accidents.

This makes them ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings where cleanliness and safety are of paramount importance.

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