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Ever experienced driving down a bumpy and uneven parking lot? Potholes, cracks, and block cracking turn it into a costly nightmare for facility managers. Regular preventative parking lot maintenance is crucial to prevent deterioration, ensuring a safe and inviting space while maximizing pavement life cost-effectively.

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Preserve and Protect Your Pavement

Preventative parking lot maintenance involves corrective measures such as crack sealing, seal coating, and asphalt patching/repair. These measures should be taken as soon as pavement first shows signs of wear and tear (raveling, transverse or longitudinal cracking). This preemptive measure helps ensure that rehabilitation strategies produce predicted results. Effective preventative maintenance is an ongoing process that needs regular monitoring to guarantee success in the long run.

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"Midwest Property Management has quickly become one of the most productive vendor relationships we have at Wright State Physicians. They are a true partner and share our organization’s core values of Wisdom, Integrity, and Compassion. They problem-solve with us and are proactive in bringing alternative solutions. We’re so glad to have Midwest Property Management be an integral part of the WSP family!"

Kim Rex, CEO
Wright State Physicians, Inc.
Five stars

"Midwest Property Management's attention to detail and expertise in managing preventive maintenance schedules has ensured that my building's systems run smoothly and efficiently. They have implemented a proactive maintenance approach that has minimized equipment breakdowns and saved a lot of money on costly repairs. The team is always available to answer any questions and provide timely support."

Mitch Culbert, Vice President
SimplicIT Services
Five stars

"Our corporate office, which also houses multiple medical practices, recently had a massive power outage. The Midwest team was on site in a matter of minutes with generators in hand ready to connect to our pharmaceutical refrigerators. The team stayed on site, keeping the building secure, ensured the generators continued to run, and kept us informed of the restoration of power every step of the way...they were amazing!"

Terri Zalat, Director of Operations
Wright State Physicians, Inc.

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Midwest’s Proactive Parking Lot Maintenance Solutions

Regularly maintaining your parking lot is important for many reasons. For one, it ensures safety for drivers by reducing the risk of accidents due to potholes or other uneven surfaces. Additionally, it improves overall aesthetics which can help draw in more customers or visitors if done correctly. And lastly, it can save you money in the long run by preventing you from having to completely repave your entire lot at once due to neglect.

All in all, preventative parking lot maintenance is essential in order to keep your parking area safe and inviting for drivers while maximizing its lifespan and minimizing costs associated with full-scale repairs or replacements down the line.

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